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The Process of Crocheting Beads
I was enchanted by the look and feel of crocheted beads, but when I learned the process, I was fascinated. To start with tubes of tiny beads and end up with that supple rope - how was it possible? Here is how it is done:

Once you have chosen the pattern and colors, select the appropriate beads and coordinating thread. Spill them out in separate piles.

Pick them up, one by one, being careful to make no mistakes in the order - one bead out of place and the whole thing doesn't work! The crisscross pattern shown is 42 beads that have to be right. Once they are strung on the thread, crochet the beads around and around in the circle, until the rope is the desired length.

For a necklace, add a clasp. For a bracelet (except for the flat, ribbon style, which uses a clasp), weave the ends together so there is no beginning and no end. (This technique took me weeks to master.) And voila! You have a beautiful, unique, and elegant piece of jewelry.