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Here is a sampling of the pieces I make as the inspiration - and special new bead - strikes me. There may be one or several of an individual item, and if something proves very popular, and the components are readily available, it may make its way to the Classics Collection! But for the most part, enjoy these while they last.

Mother of Pearl
Mother of Pearl accented with goldfilled beads and fresh water pearls

Pink Quartz Short Pink Quartz Long
Delicate pink quartz is perfectly complemented by crystal pearls

Wonderful, handmade fimo beads in exotic animal prints, accented with a sparkle and either gold or silver

Botswana Short Botswana Long
Beautiful Botswana Agate with crystal, crystal pearls and silver - the long and the short of it

 Black Line Agate
The striations in Black Line Agate are handsome

Hematite 'Donuts' filled with Swarovski cubes Hematite 'Donuts' accented with fresh water pearls
Hematite 'Donuts' accented with Swarovski cubes (left) and fresh water pearls (right)

Black Czech Fire Polish Beads
Bold black Czech Fire Polish Beads with colorful hand blown glass disks